Media as well as civic and business groups have offered their written support for the National Mall Underground, including the following:

The Washingtonian Magazine, 2015

A panacea for parking shortages, bus traffic, fossil-fuel burning, and flooding tucked beneath the Mall? That’s what a proposed parking garage—buried under the grassy expanse between the National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian “Castle”—purports to be. The multilevel space could accommodate 900 cars and 200 buses, in addition to a central visitor center and public restrooms. A 34-million-gallon overflow reservoir would prevent a repeat of the flooding that swamped Federal Triangle in 2006. And, rain or shine, more than 1,000 geothermal walls beneath the garage would harvest energy to heat and cool nearby museums and government buildings. It might sound too good to be true, but acclaimed Washington architect Arthur Cotton Moore is spearheading the initiative, lending significant credibility to it.”

6 Transportation Projects That Could Change Washington,” The Washingtonian, March 31, 2015 (April 2015 print issue)

The Washington Post, 2013

“An energetic and civic-minded nonprofit organization called National Coalition to Save the Mall is promoting what sounds like a pretty sensible idea: build parking under the Mall. The facility, which the group suggests might stretch from Ninth to 12th streets NW, would serve a triple purpose, providing on its bottom level cisterns to collect rainwater and groundwater runoff and a reservoir to capture water in the event of major floods. . . Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) told us that a great deal of “due diligence” obviously would be needed but that she liked the coalition’s idea of a public-private partnership and the principle of going underground.”

The Washington Post editorial, March 30, 2013

American Bus Association

aba“This is an exciting proposal for long-term planning for the Mall and deserves greater exploration. . . Creating a focal point and added incentive that will continue to attract motorcoaches and group tours to DC is a strategic investment in the economic future of the District that may be too important to pass up.”

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

ushm“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a strong interest in any project that would serve to accommodate visitor access to the National Mall. If such a project also helped to protect downtown Washington, DC against catastrophic storm flooding through installation of a water detention center or other flood management facility, that would be a welcome additional benefit. . . It is indisputable that the Museum’s visitors would greatly benefit from having such a facility within a few blocks of the Museum.”

Destination DC

wdc“This project would expand visitor access and protect against catastrophic flooding through a water detention facility underneath the Mall. It would improve public access by providing parking for visitors and tour buses, which is desperately needed in this area. . . We are very excited by the prospect of creating this hybrid facility.”

National History Day

national-history-day“…The proposed National Mall facility would improve public access by providing parking and welcoming facilities for visitors while simultaneously addressing flood risks and related water infrastructure needs of the Mall and Federal Triangle areas.”

Gorove / Slade

gorove“Our experience as transportation planners and engineers allows us to see the great merit in your proposal. . . The proposed Mall facility would provide a safe, convenient and central parking location for visitors, as well as other amenities such as a welcome center, concessions, and restrooms.”

Clark Construction Groupclark

“… This project will provide a tremendous benefit to the National Mall.”

SmithGroup JJRsmithgrouphhr

“This visionary use of an underdeveloped space is long overdue.”


dewberry“I congratulate you [National Mall Underground project] on such a civic-minded plan that will solve many problems for many people with very little cost to taxpayers.”

Colonial Parking

colonial“… Increased parking options in Washington are important to allow more people to visit our nation’s cultural attractions.”